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    Practice Channeling Group

    Arizona Enlightenment Center

    Think you don't ever get messages from any kind of a Guide? Come on over and try our exercises that will show you that you definitely DO have personal Guidance. We have a lot of fun! We usually have between 5-10 people in our groups. Hope you can...

    Star Wars Edge of Empire $5 RPG Night Mini Campaign

    Tabletop Games Arizona

    New RPG for $5 RPG Night! The Rebellion has destroyed the Death Star! The evil Galactic Empire has strengthened its grip upon The Rebellion and is imposing its brand of law and order across the galaxy. The core worlds are falling one by one, but...

    Join us for Zen Meditation.

    Raichozan Zen Group

    Our service includes 2- 25 minute meditation periods, walking meditation, and a short chanting service. First time participants are encouraged to arrive 30 min. early for an introduction to our practice.

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