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    [FULL] D&D: Tomb of Annihilation
    3-23-19 10:30 am - RBOOKMARK
    Tabletop Games Arizona

    [Currently completely full, no new players as of now.] A strange curse has fallen across Toril. The dead can no longer be raised, and those who had been are slowly withering to their end. Can unlikely adventurers find the rumored cause, the...

    Pool Season #23 WK. # 6 Cheerleaders Welcome
    3-23-19 10:30 am - RBOOKMARK
    39 And Holding Club

    Pool Season #23 will start Feb 1 If there is a full roster, and runs through the end of May. IF YOU’D LIKE A PLACE ON THE LEAGUE FOR SEASON #23, let me know in case there are openings? . A full season is $84 for 12 wks @ $7 per wk., - that 's a...

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